The $2600 question


Hey all,

So I've been here a couple months, and seriously contemplating the trade in (or sell if I can) my Harley (mistake) for a busa.

Comes down to this. I'm really jonesing for the gorgeous paint scheme of the 2014 50th anniversary edition. The black, with upper red fade into the black. It had me at hello... this past month since I've seen it introduced.

However for $2600 less, there are some clearance prices for the 2013 in white, which would match my 2011 GSX-R600 in the garage. They'd be sisters from another mother.

I would like a 2013 or newer strictly for the Brembo's and the ABS. $2600 is a lot of money just for paint -- also brand new, non clearance sale price.

Anyhow, blabber on. This is the **** that keeps me up at night.
A lot of $$$ for just a color scheme

I'd have a hard time spending that much extra when one is sitting next to it for $2600 less...

You can always change it later to a similar paint scheme for much cheaper than that then have an extra set of plastics, unfortunately the 50th anniversary edition may be a bit hard to come by at a later time, so it really depends if you are set on that exact paint scheme
Any quality paint shop can duplicate a color scheme...If you want the oem paint and model # buy the original bike and be happy...or get what you can for less money and build / paint it and beat it worries.
:welcome: to the oRg :thumbsup: where there's never a shortage of opinions :laugh:

The 2014 bike is a beauty. On the other hand $2600 would do about every bolt on performance mod minus light weight wheels.
here they are:

but hmm.. when side by side like this.... $2600 isn't worth it .... as if the white one sucked (not!)


That is a bad A looking color combination...kind of iffy about the seat, but still something different
wow really im sitting here tring to come up with a paint combo for my gen1 and you show me this well what can i say beside thanks
I would just get the one you like.
If your not paying cash its not going to be that much of a difference and u cant pocket money that your making payments on..
My 2 cents: look into a used Gen II ($7-$7.5K), then use the leftover $$ for whatever you want.
Life is full of regrets so in hindsight you might be happy with your 2013 and $2600 in your pocket until somebody pulls up next 2 you @ a red light with that 2014 and chits in your wheaties :laugh:

I wouldn't spend the xtra $$ but @ the end of the day U want what U want and U only have 1 life 2 live so U might as well be broke and happy :whistle:
Most shop will give you a price to paint . I bet you canget the 13 and have them paint it the red/black for 1K ! And have them do the hump in red too. Why did zuk stop, the line just dead ends .?
I'd say I had the same issue. But I got offered the 2012 limited edition for the same price as the standard edition. So it was a no brainer for me... What's more important to you? IMHO. Go for the anniversary edition. You may be able to duplicate the color scheme but then you're faking it... It's like putting a saleen kit on a mustang and calling it a saleen mustang.... No it's not. If you're like me you want to be proud of what you have. Shell out a little more for the anniversary edition and know you have a real anniversary edition not a knockoff. :thumbsup: