The '03 busa


I was wondering if anyone out there knew any of the specs on the '03 yet. Right now I am bikeless and will be purchasing the '03. One dealer near me said they won't know until the end of the summer, and another dealer said that they are getting 8 of them in next week! The rumors are that it will be silver and black and will have a digital speedo. As far as the specs go, I haven't heard anything. Does anyone have any feedback?
The 8 coming this summer are the limited edition ones. News on the 2003 sportbike models are not released until late September of each year and are not available until November, unless it is a new model or a newly redesigned model, in which case they are usually available in March of that model year.
Would really like to know the answer to this question. I am considering waiting to '03 if there will be improvements such as losing the speed limiter and having a 220mph speedometer again--could be reasonable since some other bikes seem to be on the verge of taking the "fastest stock bike" title from us. The butterfly in the ehaust system (like that on the GSXR 1000) seems to make sense as an upgrade also.
This gives rise to a wish list for 2003:
- revival of black and silver scheme
- revival of 220 mph speedometer
- lose the speed limiter
- lose 50 lbs via more carbon fiber usage, etc
- continue to increase performance via items such as adding the butterfly valve exhaust tuning system, etc.

One last thought... make it better but please don't mess it up. :hammerhead:

Well this is a wish list.


Plan to see the Limited Edition Busas at your local dealership by the end of June. It will be all black (including the frame!) with the silver Busa logo. No word yet on any mods or dietary changes. The dealers have access to pics of the LE on the suzuki website, but the public will have to wait for the surprise.
Don't get to excited gang. the LE is looking strickly paint, all black nothing else.
Well, I called the dealer yesterday, and he called suzuki, then called me back about the LE busa.

Heres what he told me. The LE busa has solid black body, black swingarm and black frame. That is the ONLY difference, all just cosmetic. There are no special features added. The LE Busas are expected to cost around $500 more than a normal busa. There is also no set release date.
I wouldn't get too excited about the possibility of losing the limiter either. Isn't going to happen. Hell, I'd be happy if they left it at the current limit.