That same ol' head/CCT noise but...

If I could I'd delete/edit my other reply to that old thread but I "don't have permission to" sorry. At the time I didn't "have permission" to make a new thread but all of that aside, my name is Zack and I'm from Alaska. The riding season is short up here and I'd like to get my hands on another bike. I've previously had a gsx-r750 and an old katana 1100 and I found a wrecked 04 LE with 26750 on the odometer. It needs forks and some odds and ends, but the only thing that really concerns me is the motor noise coming from the top end. I've seen that busas are just noisy typically and some cam chain tensioner troubles. My friends F4i had CCT problems but it didn't sound quite the same. I'm hoping it's just a case of noisy busa. All the times I've heard it she's been cold and the fairings are all off so those could both attribute to the noise more.

From the threads I've searched 26,750 doesn't sound too terrible for mileage on an 04, especially since this machine was used as a highway cruiser hence the windshield that was on it and the vest plug. I was at first apprehensive about the mileage but seeing people losing their motors at between 80 and 90K kinda reassured me. I know it was very well cared for as well. I'm on the verge of picking it up, that noise is the only thing holding me back. Can it really be that loud and be ok for extended periods of time? I should probably add that she had a full service with valve check/adjustment a couple thousand miles ago. Thanks - Zack


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The top end of these motors does make alot of noise. I to had a 2002 F4i and i know what you mean about noisy CCT... i changed mine to a manual one and solved that problem. I just recently changed oils and noticed that my engines noise is, well, different... still noisy but it sounds different. Most here will tell you that these engines are noisy but I would have to hear it to know for sure. Do you know anyone else up there with a busa? Take them to see/hear the bike...
purchased. salvage busa for 2K, add 500$ ebay forks, +500-1000$ of misc stuff and it'll be near perfect (minus lower fairings) and aaaaall mine. yay thanks