Front tire noise


I just put on some metzeler Sportec M1s. Took it for a spin and heard noise starting at around 10mph on up. Has anyone else noticed this is a noisy tire, or do I have some other problem. I had some tires on my car once that sounded similar, thats why I suspect the tire. I sure hope its not a bearing making the noise. Could a shop f-up a bearing while changing and balancing the tire?
If a shop did the work, bring it back. Tell them what you hear and make them look it over.
I agree, take it back and have them check it over.
Otherwise you can look at a few things yourself, like check the profile and make sure the fender is'nt rubbing somewhere, also run the bike to speed and pull in the clutch ( so the engine is quiet) and you might hear the noise better, this may help you determine if it is a metal rubbing noise or a rubber or plastic rubbing noise, also once you hear the noise, apply the front brake and see if this changes the sound or if it goes away, this could lead you to check the front brake pads and check that there still in the proper position in the calipers (from removing the front wheel) something could be riding against the rotors causing a scraping sound.
These are just a few checks I would do..........Good Luck!


Sorry, I thought I read your post as installing a front tire, looks like you put a set on. well there's a little more to look at if you detemine the noise is from the rear, you can use the method above to check rear caliper pads( just apply rear brake only) but I would suggest reading the owners manual or better yet a service manual about the alignment of the rear tire and chain tension set up.........of corse it could be just tire noise?

I bought a 2001 busa with the same tires on it (they were new) and I get a lot of tire noise from the front as well. It's less when you make sure it's pumped up to 42psi.