Klunking noise coming from rear wheel


Hi everyone. I need some input. I have a 2006 with 3500 miles. it rode great, no strange noises. I decided to have the swing arm and rims powder coated. New chain from ebay and bearings. Once back from the shop I noticed a klunking sound coming from the rear wheel area. I put it on a stand and roll the wheel and no noise. I sit on the bike and roll it in the driveway and the noise is there. I figure I'll start from A to figure out the problem. I replace the cush drive dampers (seemed a little worn), I also replace the bearings, put everything back together, take it for a ride, no noise, maybe a mile into it, the noise starts again, it sounds like metal hitting metal. Could it be the chain? maybe not good quality (ebay)? sprocket?. I was thinking of this is the excuse to go -1 front +2 rear and new chain?. Once again, I can't duplicate the sound if the bike is on the stand, only when its off the stand and weight on it and rolling. Any help would be appreciated.
Most likely a spacer put incorrectly or not put in at all . Bearing not seated properly on said spacer . This is common on a Kawasaki ZRX or ZX11 rear wheel .
Looking at picture the hayabusa wheel is not any different. #2 and #14

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