That  stupid wrning label on tank

Does any one know how to get that annoying warning sticker on the fuel tank off?, the two on the fairing just peeled off , unfortunately the tank one appears to be made of different material, anyone had any success getting it off?


I haven't tried this so don't blame me if it screws up the paint. Lighter fluid works really well on getting stickers off. Just wet the sticker and it should peel right off.


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Use a hair dryer to get the sticker off. If you haven't removed it yet, just heat it up and it should come right off.Any residue can be removed with glass cleaner or sticker remover available at Office Max.


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Hair dryer is definately the way to go, you might see some difference in the paint, after you clean it really good a simple waxing will make everything match...


i work at osco and we have stuff called "Goo-gone" for 2.87.
after u remove the sticker with the blow dryer, just wipe alittle of this stuf on there, then wipe it off with a dry towel and ur set

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I agree with 73Nova I used goo gone...Well acutally my wife did the tank sticker because she didn't want me to mess up the paint but that is what she used and it worked fine. Came off in bits but it didn't change the paint. Good luck!



Hair Dryer to remove the warning stickers and WD-40 to remove the residue.  Then apply a couple of coats of your favorite wax.
Thanks everyone,
I tried the hairdryer and it worked a treat, a little bit of wax and you would never know it was there. Of course im sure its a federal offence to remove the sticker , but then again It is a 180mph bike



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Of course im sure its a federal offence to remove the sticker , but then again It is a 180mph bike[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Same as those labels on your matress.

About the only thing that is 'illegal' is modifying your frame without taking it to a 'state approved' welder. Of course, that only matters if you somehow get caught in the web of buracrapcy®.
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