Thanks MC Mustang

lil charlie

Shawn was cool enough to send me an old pair of his Oakley Gas cans. Mine broke in half a few weeks ago and he had an old pair laying around collecting dust so he mailed them out.

He's a great guy always looking out for other members thanks again man, you rock!!!

I don't know why I didn't notice earlier, but the pic is upside down! LOL it doesn't look like that on my phone... I started with three pairs of those in Iraq, one was a tan pair with "tactical Os", one was Black with "Amercian Flag Os" (sent those to a cop friend of mine in vegas) and then yours. They are great classes and they are what I wear most with a helmet.
I don't know why that pick is upside down either. When I look at the pic from my phone with forumrunner it right side up. Then I click on it to enlarge the image and it show upside down.