Tank Pads


Hey guys, I need some input on tank pads. As you can see I have a white 2012 Busa and I'm looking to put a tank pad on the tank. Kinda because I just got my new racing jacket and it rubs pretty good on the tank. I would like to stay with white as to not draw to much attention to the pad. I'd love to find a white one with some gray/silver with a little red as those are the colors on the bike. I dont have the carbon fiber thing going on, so if possible I'd like to stay away from that unless I have to. Pictures and or web links would be appreciated. Vinnie
dont buy the transparent ones it turns a bit yellow with time...suggest ones with a bit of graphic causes it masks a few nicks on the pad..........there is a whole world of designs to choose from ...
I think the manufacturer of my tank pad had to stop using the logo and no longer have the pad I have had on mine since 2005. I like it and it has held up well.

busa maint 006.jpg