Tank covers


I am thinking about getting a tank bra, but i can only find two on the net but i have seen a third one that looks padded.
So far i know of the Suzuki and lockheartphillips tank covers. Can someone tell me who make the padded one?



I got one from Mag Knight that I really like. Its the carbon look and it kinda matches the grey on my '01. It wont slide around any or catch any dirt like some of the other bras. I also doesnt cover up all the paint like the one in the pic. And it comes off easy if you need to remove it.
Just my .02


I checked the Bagster web site, and found that they did indeed offer that nifty cover from the photo. The US dealer is "Lady Rider Wear", and doesn't seem to offer the covers. Anyone know of a similar cover?


I didn't like the look of the tank bra on my busa so I got this clear coating to protect the tank I've had it on for about two months now and I love it. If you want tank protection without the tank bra look try this. www.thetankslapper.biz


I've got a tankslapper as well. Doesn't even look like it's there. Already saved my tank fron the zipper on my vanson jacket. Been pretty warm and I had the zipper at half zip. Got off the bike and ......Ouch!............that would have been an ugly scratch
Inexspensive too........


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me too I like the tankslapper. I like to see the color. And most tank bras will sratch even if they say it doesnt. - Aloha


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