Switchback front turn / DRL (Gen1) install


New on this forum and wanted to contribute.
I’m a big fan of conspicuity, be it from color choice, reflectives or lighting.
Pretty sure my 2001 came with amber turn housings; clear looks better IMHO.

Purchased 1157 switchbacks online, but how to mount them?
Front of 01 has single filament, amber turn only, 1156 bulbs.
I read here to use taillight bulb housing as an option.
Decided to try buying a new set as they were cheap.
It seems the housing diameter is pretty universal but it appears the depth might be different for each application. I chose a set with shallow depth that resembled OEM.
The retention tabs weren’t alligned so I shaved them to match.
It’s a bit tight in there, but I managed to do it all without removing the fairing, only two side dash panels.
I decided I wouldn’t need the old bulb housing so I cannibalized the connectors.
Electrical tape is fine, but I purchased a set of fancy connectors with shrink wrap so I’m using that.
Third (always on) running light wire I tapped off the brown accessory wire up front.
I ordered a supposedly plug n play relay to fix the LED fast flash, but honestly I kind of like the look and it’s not illegal in my state.
These things shine nice and bright. You gotta compete with all those cagers lights these days.





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