turn signal

  1. Applesauce

    Turn Signal LED Swap

    She purrs and sounds completely different after a full fluid flush, 300v oil, K&N filter (oil & air), new NGK laser cut plugs, T-Rex no-cut racing Sliders, a much needed scrubbing inside and outside the fairings, with some love shown to the "engine bay" as well, and a full LED swap. Only issue...
  2. N

    Switchback front turn / DRL (Gen1) install

    New on this forum and wanted to contribute. I’m a big fan of conspicuity, be it from color choice, reflectives or lighting. Pretty sure my 2001 came with amber turn housings; clear looks better IMHO. Purchased 1157 switchbacks online, but how to mount them? Front of 01 has single filament...
  3. fast_pace77

    DIY flush mount led GSXR turn signals

    Yes, it is true; we all at one point in the adventure we call modding find ourselves pondering just how to rid ourselves of the plague that is... OEM mirrors. Lol Their dismal future is inevitable. I give you, the 'functional block-off plate'. Turn signals. Ok, enough shenanigans. So...
  4. L

    Help! Turn Signal Problem, Hi Beam Blinks Instead Of Turn Signal.

    Hi guys... First post. I was recently in a minor accident that led the bike to scrape its left side agains the ground, destroying the main wiring harness. I replaced the harness with a used one bought on ebay. Everything connected ok. Bike runs perfectly, only problem is strange behavior from...