Swingarms without braces


Hey everyone, I have a good deal on a 6 over swing arm but the problem is that it has no braces. I checked and everything seems super straight. Has anyone on here have experience with extended swing arms without braces?
I'm 5" over with no underbracing, aluminum Velocity arm. My buddy is at 67" with a chome-moly arm and no bracing.
Yeah I don't know who made it. I emailed the guy just waiting to here back. This will be my first time extending the Busa. I'm mainly extending it for all show and a little go. I'm no canyon carver or weekend drag warrior so hopefully running unbraced shouldn't be a problem.
Im 12 inches over on 07 busa that I take to dragstrip & ride in street with 1397 & nos with Adams Peformance chrome moly arm no underbrace, No problem, Was 12 over on ZX14 with nos making 270 to back wheel on same brand arm that I ran for years.
So the bracing is optional but you still need to make sure you're using a good arm.
Okay I decided not.to get it because the guy never responded. I ordered a stock extended +6 arm from Miamibillet for a decent price shipped. I feel a little more safe going that route.