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Replacing my swingarm next week so I need to find a good deal on the tools to help remove it..... Anyone?
$60 for the 3 piece set. I've got info at the house

KS you've got a pm coming
Ditto for the info please...

and that was a good one...NVeeus04 asking Waterbug for a GP on em
When I pulled my motor a few months back...I just made my own outta some sockets.

Make yer own, Bug. Just go buy a socket or two for the purpose. Swing arm will be close to 36MM.

Hold the socket against the nut and use a Sharpie to mark the 'notches'. Then, use a dremel and grind away the 'rest' of the socket. A little patience and some test-fits and you'll have a Swing arm removal tool in no time.

Here the two I made to remove the motor:

Not really pretty - but they serve their purpose!

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first time i did it, i just used the a screwdriver dipped in rubber tool grippy stuff a few times so i didn't mar the surface. That bolt has almost no torque on it so it's really easy to bang it out with a hammer and screwdriver. Also, usually your local shop will do it for free if you are on a first name basis with them, then just drive it home. (a friend did that a few times)

second time i made my own with a dremel. couldn't justify the cash for one at the time, haha.
These are extremely well made from Craftsman sockets. Look close at the tips and how they were beveled on the inside edge to ride against the beveled edge of the bolts. The larger one is undercut to allow clearance for the bolt. Super spent some time on these. I though $60 shipped was an excellent price and I can get access to a lathe with little difficulty.

OMSLAWs method works well, but I had time to order these.


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