Suspension set up i tried


I've been riding my busa on the stock suspension settings for a few months and decided to try stiffening it up. I don't know a hell of a lot about settings and stuff but all i did was tighten the front pre-load up to 3 lines showing. Had compression and rebound 2 clicks out, left the rear pre-load alone and set comp at 5 clicks and rebound at 7. It's much nicer to ride and i can actually feel the front end around corners instead of the squishy feeling it used to have.
thats cool man

can you lower a bike by those adjustments or are u needing to buy special parts
like on cars, drop spindles and the like??
No idea although i think decreasing preload at the rear might lower the back a bit but it will make it soft there too. I just read the manual spoke to my dealer and started playing.
You can lower the bike by installing lower links on the rear and installing aftermarket springs in the forks. Links you can get from and there are a lot of aftermarket suspension spring makers for the forks...........Knebnr
you can make lowering links easily by yourself and lowering the front is done by either strapping it , jcs triple clamp , top plate spacers or removing the top plate and using SRAD style clip-ons .