Sucks Getting Old!


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For 15 years, I played competitive men's indoor volleyball. We traveled around the country and played in numerous National Championships. I stopped playing about 5 years ago when I took a promotion and transfered out of Chicago.

I recently decided to un-retire nd join a league in hopes of meeting some local players and get back into shape. Was thinking I might try to play in the age division category at Nationals this year (Dallas). Every year, people ask me to play.

There was an open gym last night for unaffiliated players. I actually held my own, but my back stiffened up right afterwards, and today I can hardly walk. I just don't know if my body can do it anymore.



You know you just can't take playing for granted now you actually have to prepare...You need to stretch those muscle groups that you haven't used for that sport in awhile...Once you do that you should be O.K...I gave up basketball because of knee injures and have not made an attempt to return to that sport and want...Stretching, stretching and more stretching is what the doctor ordered...
Man, I hear you. I'm going on 50 now and I've been an athletic nut for about 30 years. My last sport was racing mountain bikes. I'm burned out with all this stuff - that's when I decided to get a Busa. I do think most Busa owners are very competitive people.

All this athletic stuff can put you in the same class as an alcoholic, quit drinking and all your friends are gone. I just got sick of all the competition and really don't care about it anymore. I think the aerobic freaks are the worst - they are obsessed. I'm glad I'm not a fanatic anymore.

I know some talented Olympic people who quit the sport completly after their career ended.
Yes, I know that is true. i did stretch, but not as much as I should. Plus I work out 4 or 5 times a week. Unfortunately I have had lower back problems and knee problems my entire athletic carreer. During my last couple of National Championships, I had to get mesages after every match, and can remember almost playing in tears. I am not ready to give up yet though. I know that you can't just jump back into it. I did sign up for the league and will see what happens as I get back accustomed to playing.

We will see....
good for you thinker!

you may be older than some of those boys out there but I bet you give it more heart than the younger ones.
Nawwwww body is fine i am sure. You just have not used the same mussels for some time.
Age is truly just a state of mind. You are only as old as you feel. Oh heck, I'm old too and it sucks!!! 43!!!!




I am 40, I skydive , work 10 hr days and muscle the busa around. I am constantly in pain. My reward for not taking better care of my body when I was younger, nutritionally speaking. But I look at it this way, pain lets me know i AM STILL ALIVE AFTER ALL THE STUPID THINGS i'VE DONE.

Remember Capt. Kirk in whatever startrek movie..

"I Need My Pain! Spock!"
No comment.

Well, ok.. just one.
I am 32, but feel 50(I think, definitely don't feel less than 50). I was at a dead stop one time on I-5 offramp. Guy coming up behind me hit me at 60mph. I couldn't do anything physical for 8 months. Needless to say alot of my back muscles never recovered. If I play basketball, the next day I won't be able to move... the jumping kills my spine. 4 years ago, tore the rotator cuff in my right shoulder. That never fully recovered either. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to ride again with a shoulder injury. Low and behold, no problems there.
Well, ok... more than one...
Sorry for the ramble, but Thinker, you are 8 years older than me and in WAY better shape. Good for you! And I know for a fact that pro volleyball players get hot chicks!!! My best friend from high school got a scholarship playing v-ball. The stories he told me.......
Stretching is very important, and the more you do it the better you will get.  I got a book from a friend of mine (can't remember the name of it) and I went from only being able to do the splits about four feet apart to doing a full splits in about 2 months, stretching every day.  Like everything else there's a technique to it.  I'll try to find the name of the book for you.  
I needed to start stretching because I play ice hockey and pulled my groin (not bad just sore).  That was the last pulled muscle I had about 7 years ago...when I started playing at 35.  I play against kids half my age and when I take off my goalie mask at the end of the game it surprises some of them.  Sorry...kinda braggin'  
You're only as young as you feel.  Keep it up! but take it easy at first.
Yeah Thinker I still say stretching is the most important element for you now...Especially knowing that you lift...Now your muscles are all tight from the lifting and need to be loosened up...And you may check with a trainer to see what lifting movements can help with that particular sport...