Stupid questions?

I just bought a 2002 Busa and have a couple of questions, if anyone can help?

I had to fit new clocks - the dials are in miles, but the trip meter is in kilometers - is there any way to get miles on the trip meter?

I also bought a TRE but can't find the right spot to fit it
- it's a triangular plug, but can anyone advise where it's supposed to go in the loom?

If you can help, thanks for taking the time.......


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Did someone just change the face on a US gauge set? I know some cars can switch the electronic display back and forth between miles and KM. Not sure about the Busa. I'll try to look in my owners manual and service manual tonight.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies, some definitely more useful than others  

I've looked for the right connector to fit the TRE beside the tank but I can't find a triangular plug. Guess I'll keep looking....

The bike's a UK bike, the replacement clocks are UK too(off Ebay) but the odometer reads km, km/ltr and ltr/100km. I'm sure I read somewhere you can switch readouts, but don't remember where now.... Speedo seems to read ok, but generally I'm just hanging on too hard to look too close

Thanks for the welcome too - lot of good advice in the forum, that's for sure


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Wish I could help you on the mileage/kilo matter. Hopefully someone here will know. As for installation of the TRE, here are a couple of pictures that might help.



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As mentioned earlier, lift the front of the tank, and it's on the left side behind the engine. Here's one of it installed.



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(McyMike @ Oct. 16 2006,10:16) TRE goes in under the tank.......on the left side
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