Strange Noise from rear wheel while parking


Ok…I’ve done some research on cush drives and axels, and am still not sure what might be the issue.

While parking the bike at home I noticed a small noise when pushing the bike backwards.  It does not make the noise while rolling it forward. It was coming from the rear wheel.  It makes the slight squeak in a rotational manner or about every half foot I roll it.  I put it up on the stands and it doesn’t make the noise at all. I recently changed out the rear brake pads/cables and thought maybe it was that….but not the case. In fact everything sounds quite normal.  I did notice that the sprocket drum appeared to have an ever so slight movement separate from the wheel itself.  (ie I can turn the wheel/tire and for a very miniscule fraction of the movement (hardly any in fact) the sprocket drum doesn’t move, until it catches shortly afterwards – is that normal?)  I cleaned and lubed the chain and put her back down….. and the squeak remains.


Thanks so much!
If it only makes the noise while backing up, I'd guess your pads are rubbing the rotor a little. It could be your cush drive, it's easy to check/replace. Just take the wheel off, separate the hub and the black rubber biscuits are right there. You will be able to tell if they are going bad just by looking at them. If they are twisted or seem out of place, change them. They aren't expensive.
Does anyone know where to get a better cush drive material the stock stuff is junk, my last bike had a cush drive someone put in it made out of the clear yellow type material not the cheap black stuff ,kind like on a boat roller on the trailer you can get the cheap black ones or the good clear yellow stuff my cush drive is breaking down fast on my bike and will change soon.
the cush drive material is made that way to absorb some major forces otherwise put on your tranny. Just get some new ones. $35 is all it costs and should be changed every 2 yrs anyway.