Stock Bar Ends


Hey guys, new to the board but need some advice. I have a 2002 LE Black busa, and i am interested in installing some aftermarket grips. I dont think they will slip over thos big ol honkin bars ends and was wondering if anyone has had any success getting them off. Is the screw right handed or left handed thread?? all i managed to do was mung up the phillips head screw, so my only option might be to drill it out. If i do this, will i just need a new screw, or will i have to buy a new bar end?? Thanks in advance
welcome to the board.

they are right handed threads... you need an impact driver now. ya know, the metal handed thingy with the big phillips head, and you hit the end with a hammer to make it twist? one of those. would also help to put baking soda in the stripped head, makes the phillips head grip better.

good luck!
Hmm unless I misunderstand the question, but on my 99 they just twist off by hand. Put your leather gloves on and just twist. They are normally threaded. Welcome to the board
Frustrating isn't it...When I installed my helibars the allen end stripped on one of the ends. I had to drill and ez out the bolt. Once you get them out, and have to take them off again, use your opposite hand and turn the bar end while using a large allen or the hand inpact. Seems to work pretty well that way. Good luck !!!!!!
Word of advise.....always, always, always have the correct tools for the; the correct size phillips in this case.
Mine were very tight also but got them with a heavy push and the correct phillips.