stem stand and res. caps


Just put on my stem stand and chrome reservoir caps. Pictures are not great for showing the stem stand but it works great for my radar detector. Had it velcroed to my triple tree but this is much better!!

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Very nice, but you will find that the detector willnot pick up lazer well in that location. I have the same detector and had it tested by the state Patrol. I think that it may be from the deep tint wind shield. Just be creful do not depend on it. I took mine off becuase we use more lazer in this state. The radar picks up fine.
Thanks for the advice. Around my area they use radar, but that would be my luck to get popped with a lazer!!
I've been debating a stemstand and will probably order one this week for my radar detector..

KS what kind of jammer are you using, and where did you mount it. I wanna say they are illegal here, but hey so is doing 150 in a 65 lolol