Starting problemd


Every now and then my busa won't start. When I push the startbutton I only hear a click from the starter relais and that's all. Just wait five, ten, or fifteen minutes and then it will start. Sometimes I just keep the start button depressed for a minute or so and then it just suddenly starts. Give my bike a push and it will start so it's not an ignition problem, also nothing wrong with the battery (the lights don;t weaken when i start). Anyone who has a clue, solution, hint or anything...
I can take my bike to the dealer but he will take it apart, find nothing and charge me €500 for the effort...
Check your battery cables. Make sure they are clean, corosion free and tight. If that isn't the ptoblem have your battery checked out

If it's not the battery test the start switch. It might be going bad.
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When i press the start button i can hear the click from the start relais. So the start button is ok, the lights don't go down when i start so the battery is also ok. Are my presumptions ok ?
Keep it simple, start with the battery. Have you tested it? Just having the lights come on and the gauges working isn't testing your battery. If it is bad, you won't have enough amps to crank the starter............ Next, check all battery connections for Clean/tight! A good voltage meter could come in handy here. I strongly suggest looking at the battery. With all the heat these bikes put off in an enclosed fairing is a recipe for Battery boil over......... Let me know what you find. Ks.
The next course of action would be check starter switch as suggested earlier............ Next, take a real close look at the ground wire (on rare occasions they can seperate inside the rubber sleeving) But, I doubt this is the problem. Look for the more obvious nicks/cuts, abrasions anything out of the ordinary. Finally, check the starter relay/solenoid..........

From what you've described I still think the problem is the battery....
I also know of a busa in Australia that has an odd starting problem such as this. Mainly in rain or foggy damp weather. The starter solenoid clicks in but does not "buzz" as in the case of low voltage. Wait 20min and the bike starts. Everything seems normal, lights, cut out switches, but if you ride it in the heavy rain, it wont cut out, but if you turn the key off, it will not start. Can be clutch started.
I have been trying to simulate the problem by hosing the bike while running, but can never get it to do it when I am there to diagnose!!
Anyone come across this and found a problem? Email me soon!!
i got the problem with mine,i think it is a common problem with busa's,on mine the starter fails to disengage,if i rock it forwards or backwards then i will hear a crunch then it will go,but busa'a did have a problem with the starter motor,and clutch i think,and so i have read on here,on the 12/10/02 they had a recall,(is that right)??
there is an heavy upgrade package so i've been told. so im currently going to get 1,and im getting intoutch with suzuki uk,coz its cheaper for them to keep it hush hush,and fix the once that come in with the problem,than to have a recall of all busa's,if im wrong can somone plz tell me.
It wasn't a RECALL, it was a general SERVICE NOTICE to dealers ONLY. Call Suzuki and contact your local dealer.