Start a vote on color choice of the 08 busa


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Hey All:

Just like the age voting etc. Why not make a log or voting pole on the color of hayabusa bought for 08!!! I see alot of Blues.....and then Orange....and then Black busas on the site.
Orange and Black!!!!!!!!!
I knew it from the first time I saw her.
Love at first sight.
Orange and black and blue and black are nice, but black and grey are the fastest
I thought the Black one looked menacing.
It looked kinda like the SR-71 Blackbird (certainly feels as fast anyhoo)
Not really too fair of a "poll". I don't know of anyone with a color that wishes they bought a DIFFERENT color. However, I got the blue/black/gold......and couldn't be happier. Thought I wanted the orange and black, but it wasn't as impressive in person.
I don't know of anyone with a color that wishes they bought a DIFFERENT color.  
I would trade my black/grey/charcoal in a minute for an orange/blk. The longer I have the grey the less appealing it is. I'm thinking about having the tank painted black, maybe that will help some. The local dealer got my busa last mid october when I bought it, the next busa he got in was an orange/blk last week, so I am glad I got mine 5-6 months ago, just wish it was orange/blk. I love black bikes, just having a little trouble lovin a grey bike.
Aside from the Cycle World shows, I finally saw all of them in person at my dealership. Although they all looked good, I'm partial to the gray/black.
When I get my busa its gonna be Blue/black/gold.

I read in a article somewhere that the blue bike is supposed to be fastest! If i remember the link where I read that i will post it.