Stalling issue with 2000.


Hello all,

I've been having an issue with stalling on my 2000 'Busa. I recently acquired the bike from a debt that was owed and it appeared to be in okay shape.
The bike was sitting for nearly 4 years in a garage and partial outside. When I took ownership I immediately drained all the fluids and the fuel. I changed the sparkplugs and installed a new battery.
The bike fires right up when cold with no hesitation. I can crack the throttle and the bike revs smooth as glass.
The problem starts about 5 minutes after starting, roughly after the fans kick on for the second time.
All of a sudden the idle will get really rough and want to stall. If I crack the throttle it will miss and sputter and eventually it will stall. If I wait a few seconds and refire the bike up it will spring to life again, without hesitation. Go through the process again but now that the bike it warm it will start to miss and stall quicker.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

check your fuel pump. it may be clogged up with all the old gunk out of the tank and restricting flow.


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Ya i would say its a fuel problem, sounds like somethings dirty..if i was u i would take the fuel system apart and check eeverything and clean it all out..if not u will have problems later on..start will the tank clean it, make sure that u take that petcock out it has a screen on top of that petcock..make sure that theres not any rust or any lining coming off the inside of the tank..a guy that does tank linings said that ethanol fuel when it sets it evaporates and eats the inside lining of the tank..being that old of a bike im sure u will need to replace all fuel lines..would be better too in the long run anyway.might be dry rotted or coming apart from the inside..clean fuel pump..i would also check and clean the injectors they also have screens in them..and clean the fuel rail out while its apart..fuel reg also..
The 99's and 2000's are set up a little different than the later years. As suggested, you need to take apart and clean the fuel filter. I bet it is clogged. Welcome to the oRg.
Thanks for the input, guys. Much appreciated. This weekend I will strip the tank off and replace the filters and clean injectors.

I will post pics when I get home from work tonight.

Thanks again,
Some asked for pix.

What I started with.
Bike is originally from Germany and has been converted to make US legal.
Stickers EVERYWHERE! Cleaned, claybared, compounded, waxed, waxed.
Brakes were shot and binding up so I replaced them with a set of 2007 calipers from a 'Busa with 1500 miles.
Fresh fluids all around!
Replaced front seat because it was cracked and split. Windscreen was replaced for obvious reasons.
Flushed brakes and clutch.