Squeaking around the steering head?


In the last month or so I have noticed something that gets worse each ride. I heard this horrible squeaking noise... Its coming from up around the steering head I think. But I can't reproduce the squeak while its parked. I can push down on the handlebars, move them back and forth, and do anything else, but it will not so much as make a peep. While riding, I can easily reproduce the squeak by cruising in the neighborhood and purposely hitting bad spots in the road like little potholes etc. and it squeaks like mad. I know something needs to be lubed, but not sure what?



Take it to the shop and explain things. Maybe have them check the steering head bearings and the area just to be safe. How many miles are on your busa?

While this may be a bit of a extreme comparison, Performance bikes magazine (british sportbike mag. Can be found at barnes and noble) did a interesting test with a 2008 busa. Northants to Asia in 36 hours
. They pre-sent 4 of their riders along the route so the busa could be run pretty much non stop aside from fuel stops and switching to the next rider along the route. Needless to say the busa did the run from england to instanbul, all 2200+ miles and back for about 5000 hard miles, and did it well. Aside from Patchy paint finish, a warped brake (which was questionable at the start since there was reported pulsing under braking) and just a bit of oil consumption from running practically at Full Scream for a day and a half the bike did quite well in handling, braking, fueling and overall performance. One notable issue though after the near 5k round trip was the steering head bearings were a bit loose. Uneven braking made it more noticeable and while they claim it wasn't due to clumsy wheelie attempts, if there's anything I learned from the "Fastbikes" (Another british sportbike magazine) videos is that the British don't just Test sportbikes...They TEST Sportbikes.


About 6200 miles now on my bike. Thanks for the info coldstone... I might thumb through my service manual and see if anything sticks out. If I can't figure it out by the end of the weekend I'll have a shop check it out.


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There is nothing in the steering head to squeek. I'd look at the plastics. I think you probably have plastics rubbing some place and it only squeeks when you hit a bump. I'd pull the plastic and look for a rubbed spot some place.


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Windscreen perhaps? Mine squeaked terribly till I followed some suggestions found on this board. I also notice that the plastics around the gauges would rub and squeak.

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