Brakes squeaking


Ok I just had my back brakes replaced a week ago & now they just started to squeak. I called the dealership where I had them put on & they told me that with new brakes they sometimes glaze up. He also told me just to get on the back brake a little hard to wear them in...Well 2 days later, the squeaking is still there but now its LOUD AS HELL
I'm taking the bike back in today but just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or did the dealership f#ck something up?
I had that problem with the stock pads. trying stoppies, glazed the pads over... scuffing them made no difference.

I made the dealer give me NEW HIGH PERFORMANCE PADS at no charge - warranty. Not a peep since.
I have nearly the same problem. I rode my '02 busa for the entire season last year, ran the rear brakes down and got them replaced. Suzuki pads were out of stock from the only store within 50 miles so they gave me an off brand of pads.

These were installed and inside a week I had a horrible, loud screech everytime the rear brakes were applied. Frustrated, I let the bike sit and now this spring (last week) I replaced those brand new off-brand pads with OEM suzuki's.

Guess what. Still squeals like a stuck pig. This is intensely frustrating and embarrassing. Any help?

Sounds like glazing problem. Rotors still in good shape? They can and will heat up rather quickly if you tend to race alot. Pretty hard to slow down to a stop after breaking the sound barrier................... They do make a spray that will help. But I suggest you take a look into the problem before covering it up with a bandaide.
One other possibility, You switched to a harder compound (metalic/semi-metalic) which will make your brakes alot more likely to make noise.