Sprocket worries


Went to get my 16 front sprocket put on and the mechanic said it was a no-no. He said that I would end up breaking my chain. He recommended a 42 rear to avoid problems. Has anyone had a problem with the 16 on the front?
huh? No he is wrong. Yes, there can be a slightly higher heat buildip by going with -1 front tooth, because it's a slightly tighter turn radius, but breaking your chain? I dont think so

I run a 16 tooth front, stock rear, and I've been running it for about 4,000 miles. I clean my chain with WD-40, and lube with PJ-1 Chain cleaner, and it's in great shape.

With 300+ horsepower bikes, yes the tighter chain radius can be a problem. But on a semi-stock bike, -1 tooth is a good, cheap upgrade to do. Thousands of people go -1 in the front, and it's fine. Tell him its your bike, and thats what you want to do.

Better yet, find a new mechanic

He had me worried telling me stories of chains breaking and destroying the other parts around it. I ordered a 42 rear today. What kind of difference would the 16/42 make? I have never heard of one breaking like that so I though I would get some expert advice from the members.
What kind of difference would the 16/42 make?[/QUOTE]

Umm...easier to wheelie. Faster acceleration. Lower top-speed.
I have a 16/42 and I bought a Yellow Box and used a GPS that told me I was off 19% at 60-80mph. Love the gearing change with no problems for 3000 miles but worn rear tires. Great for roll-ons and wheelies.
17/42 off 14%
stock speedo off 7%