Sportmax Roadsmart 2 Slippage

E Zurcher

Last tire change I went to Roadsmart 2s front and rear. Lately I've had issues breaking traction in a straight line on full power acceleration that I didn't have on any of my previous tires. From 9-10K rpm she will break. No wiggles just slips a bit as the bike pulls its hardest. I've had it happen on hard acceleration over bumpy sections of road also. Definitely gets your attention. I usally brace and lean forward because on the other tires I've had the front end would come up in first and second.

Other than that, this is a great tire for the Busa. Still plenty of tread after 6000 miles and just a mild flat spot, no doubt thanks to my commute and the aforementioned slippage. No cupping on the front tire either which is much better than the sportmax at the same mileage. Handles mile canyon carving with ease but I still have 1/2 inch chicken strips so I am not an extreme rider.

Overall, very pleased and will probably refit.
38 PSI.

@ RedHerring. Do you speak specifically about these tires of is that just a general statement. These are categorized as sport tour tires.