Motomummy dunlop tire deal


Track Coach / TufPoodle Coach
Registered has a SWEET deal on Dunlop Roadsmart tires. The price is so good I actually bought 4 sets $215 per set shipped or you can buy the rear ($99.99) or front ($115) separate.

I have a Roadsmart rear and Q2 front on my busa now and it works extremely well as long as you keep it sane on the streets. I'll also run this combo on my Connie as well.

You'll probably never find a deal like this on Dunlop Roadsmarts ever again.
Wow that's a heck of a deal, but I've probably got nearly 2 years worth of tires stacked up in my garage for my Busa right now...
Good price. That is $1 less than I paid for a Q2 Sportmax set a year ago and haven't seen pricing that good until this post. Thanks!
Sounds like you need to get out and street ride a little more or twist the grip harder:laugh:

Actually, it's takeoff's of all the trackday tires I've run the sides off of, but they still have plenty of street tread....
That's Shinko prices :laugh: Does the average person get good mileage out of this tire ?