Spoiled Deer


Oh my, all I see in that video is a walking sausage, some loin steaks, jerky and a nice chamois to dry my car. Delicious and versatile...


Just part of playing by nature's rules. I feel better about myself being out in the woods hunting for a deer then being in the store buying steaks from some poor beef that never had a chance. Some smart deer die of old age after a free life. No such thing as an old steer..
fair point.

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Oh my, all I see in that video is a walking sausage, some loin steaks, jerky and a nice chamois to dry my car. Delicious and versatile...
Don't forget the aphrodisiac from the antler fur, the knives from the antler, fish hooks from the bones, thread from the sinew and new pants from the hide. :thumbsup:


Well, welcome to South Carolina where these animals cause hundreds of millions of damage every year and actually cause deaths. So , yes, I applaud hunters, who kill and eat these animals.

Back to the video. Very nice home, these animals carry all kinds of disease, including fleas, ticks, mites, etc. which can cause great illness or death in humans. Just another feel good stupid people news clip.

Not an animal hater, I have a cat and a dog that live with me. Saiid could not be more right in his statements.

Hmmm...causes millions in damage and causes death and can carry diseases that cause human illness or death. So kill it and eat it? By that logic, we should all be hunting...HUMAN! ???

Cats and dogs can carry flease, ticks and mites just as easily. Time to shoot up fluffy and spot and serve 'em on a platter? ???


Fluffy & Spot don't get the chance to play "run & hide the guns are coming"...they get the old "put to sleep & off to the landfill drill".??? A true hunter does not kill what he cannot eat for the most part, there are exceptions for nuisances.


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Here's a picture of my Grandfather at the farm. The deer would walk down, go fishing, and hang out pretty much like a dog would.

We named it Bambi.

I also have some pics of me and my brother when we were young playing with the deer but do not have them scanned in.



It is cool when critters like that take to humans. I would hope they dont get blasted by a hunter but its more likely to happen if they arent afraid of people. Case in point we decided to raise chickens a couple of years ago. We have 4 dogs and the chickens were raised with the dogs as well as our rooster. The chickens had no problems with the dogs and the rooster actually thought he was a dog and would run around with them. Our chickens started to disappear and I saw a coyote in our front yard one day. Obviously the chickens werent afraid of the coyote so they were easy prey. We got rid of the rest of the chickens and decided to keep the rooster cause he was pretty cool. One day I couldnt find him and went out back and found the neighbor's dog standing over his dead body. He had obviously ran up to the dog in our back yard to play and got killed. I guess the moral of the story is that if you make a pet out of a prey animal dont be surprised when they become just that.

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