Speaker System


I'm wondering if anyone has ever considered and maybe even accomplished putting any sort of spearker system on their Hayabusa. I'm tired of messing with headphones and wires. Can anybody offer any advice from web sites or from personal experience??
I owe you a drink young man. You unwittingly have guessed my secret mod. They have been trying to guess it for months now. At Laguna, you will see 7 hear two of them, as my buddy has one on his bike. He is the expert.
so how about some pics? step by step instructions would actually be the best

What do you have them running off of? where did you mount it all?

But seriously, I'd love to know more about what you have done.
Yeah, I'm hoping to run into you (Thinker) on Saturday or Sunday but just in case I don't, I would love to hear more about your speaker system. And pics would be awesome as well!