Electrical accessories


Hi All,

I was wondering if anybody had any information on adding electrical accessories to your busa.

I'm in the process of purchasing a Radar Detector ( can't think why ) and I'd like to know if you should wire these things up to the
fuse box or some other part of the bikes electrical system.

Has anybody done this before and has some tips and tricks to
I'm a little concerned about frying important electrical bits on the bike.

Cheers Jim.
I cheat and use a cordless detector but, yes... you could wire it straight to the battery or through the fuse panel and have it "switched" with the ignition key.
Naw NAw thats not what you want to do. What you want to do is add a cigerette lighter outlet to your bike; the kind that has a cap on it or the type that has a spring loaded cap on it. Connect it under your left front inner panel (left of the upper forks). That way you have an out you can plug your Radar detector into, or your GPS, or your IPOD, MP3, etc ....

Lest I forget your trusty heated vest/gloves/suit for the cold weather riding :D