South carolina peeps!! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!!

Wow, 12 minutes for 12 seconds worth of information. These devices could be traveling to Aiken or Charleston. These shipments happen regularly. Hopefully the reporting is in error. As far as the motivation behind this particular event.
When a senator warns his whole state??... Time to be seriously concerned
sorry, but credible threats are no longer credible when you make them public like that. all terroists will do is target another area now which leads me to believe senator graham doesn't know wtf hes talkn about.

and if he does have credible information pertaining to a nuke attack then he is a complete moron for putting it out there. the whole idea is to PREVENT a terroist attack, not prepare for one....:whistle:

maybe hes one of them dooms day preppers and is building a castle or somethn. how ridiculous!