Sound clips.


ANYBODY?? Its not hard to get a sound clip is it??? SOmebody take some time and start hookin us up with some sound clips if you could..

Im lookin at gettin the full stainless yoshi single can exhaust.. I heard the Rs-3 Carbon can and it sounds VISCIOUS.. but i want to hear a dual can setup.. anyone?
I have some before and after clips on my page:

Of course mine is a full system and 4 into 2 into 1... But, it is sound clips... Perhaps mine will convince others to post some!


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Okay ... I have the HMF duals and I'll hookup the mic to my laptop this weekend and record the pipes for you, that is if no one else does it before then.

Muzzy Carbon Fibre slip ons.

I left in the part where I hollar at the Dog.  

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You can't get them anymore, but here's mine:

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Full Yosh R-22...

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I fabbed these myself out of car mufflers that I'm trying to make a few extras to sell. So far no one has been interested. I can build these for around 200.00


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