Sorry turbo guys


There's more than a couple things disturbing with this video.

First, where's the gear? Don't get running like that without gear, a pebble, bee, or anything hits you at these speeds and they are like bullets. This says nothing of what happens when you go down...

Second, a bike with more than 100 hp over the other two bikes should have stomped them regardless of straps or wheel base especially on roll on runs like that. Riding lessons and track time would do the world of good here.

Third, those other two bikes (especially the ZX) are absolute rockets...They make the Busa look like it's a stock bike...that shouldn't be happening.


Formerly known as viperblackbusa.
There is no way a turbo busa loses to those 2 bikes unless the rider has no skills. Which judging by what i saw in the video the busa rider did not. No tuck, very obviously not in the rpm range for launch, roll on racing the busa should have been right on boost or close already, no gear. The 2 other bikes werent even close to stock either. Aftermarket rims, stretched, exhaust, the list goes on.

Learn how to represent before you try. Dont feed the trolls.


I got to thinking (I know that's bad) about bikes like this.....that is a lot of power to put under someone's arse with little to no experience on a bike with serious, serious power.

This bike has almost twice the RWHP as my modded Busa and it is a handful, I can only imagine this bike.

I figure anyone who has a bike with this much power should be taking a riding course to learn how to handle it.


Strap wouldn’t of done much. You need a longer swingarm, sticky rear tire, gearing and quick shifter. Then you would drag them liter bikes to the grave

Johnnie Phatt

Roll and go racing is a waste of time. Either line 'em up and race or Futs around and pretend
don't confuse one with the other.
I've said it
Flame suit on


You'll notice the liter bikes aren't wheeling at all. The busa can't stay down with that turbo and stock wheelbase.
Lots to do with rider input as well....on a roll on like that, the clutch can be feathered to control front lift, that and the rider needed to shift his weight forward (both didn't happen)


Jesus. That was embarrassing. Those guys are local to me. I’m hoping to do some riding with them after seeing Frank. They are very fast. They have done some serious weight loss to those liter bikes, and they can ride as well. However that busa was just a complete embarrassment. He should have at least pulled like a freight train and caught up at some point.


Jesus. That was embarrassing. Those guys are local to me. I’m hoping to do some riding with them after seeing Frank. They are very fast. They have done some serious weight loss to those liter bikes, and they can ride as well. However that busa was just a complete embarrassment. He should have at least pulled like a freight train and caught up at some point.
That Busa must have a serious top end speed with that much HP..I agree, it should have accelerated like a freight train...should being the relative term here.


Seeing how he did nothing else to the bike but put a turbo on it, I bet it isn't even tuned. That poor bike needs thousands of dollars of work before it can compete. Looks like he put the kit on in his garage then thought he could race..
That never ends well.....they said it was dyno'd and saw the numbers though...


Op had the bike built by frank you guys. Iam sure the bike runs mint. But kinda hard to roll race a turbo swb bike at a slow speed. Plus those bikes make about 190 200 at the tire and weigh around 350 pounds. Only way he will win is a faster roll to help take the advantage away from those liter bikes.

Like I said before lower it, stretch it and gear it. You get that thing hooking and not wheelie all the time you will run from them. Where is this at? I might have to take my na busa out there and see how fast they might be
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