Some new upgrades...

Adam G

Been having fun researching and getting some new comfort/appearance mods. Got a Saddlement Gel Seat, Zero Gravity Touring Windshield, and did the fender elimination mod (thanks Blanca for the info thread). Thought I would post up some pics and show someone since my wife does not seem notice. Which actually, is a good thing.:laugh:

The last post is a pic of my bike and a BMW that a buddy of mine rides on a day trip recently.

hayabusa 3.jpg

hayabusa 5.jpg

hayabusa 4.jpg
Just got my Buell Peg Mod in the mail today! Looks like I have another project to do tonight.
:thumbsup: do you like that seat I want to change mine just don't know what I want

A little too soon to give a real thorough assessment but so far so good. I have a couple of 45 minute rides on it and tonight while test riding after adjusting my shifter and rear break when changing to Buell Pegs I got a couple of short rides tonight. All I can say is it really feels good. I have a feeling I need to break it in a bit though. I read reviews on it and Corbins and it seems guys are happy with both. What made the decision for me between the two was purely looks. I really like the suede and the channel in the middle. Looks cool on the bike.]\
Got the Buell Pegs on tonight. What a breeze. The adjustments were just as the instructions stated. Took 20 minutes total with adjustments of the break and shifter levers as well as adjusting the break light sensor.

Will have to get out for a long ride tomorrow but on the short test rides tonight they feel great.