Both brakes or just front?


I'm getting my first few mods for my first bike. I got a brock's short meg and PC, I ordered a zero gravity sport touring windshield because it was the highest I found and I am waiting on bull peg mod guy to restock and I'm getting seats from newimage.

I read that the stock brakes aren't good. And that it is a very important upgrade. Is this just the front or both? And what do you guys suggest as far as what brand to upgrade to?

Thanks guys!

Also, if you think there's something else I should do that is more important let me know! :)


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Rear not nessecary,just makes you skid faster,IMHO. I rarely use back brakes,just touch them occasionally to setlle the bike in corners,or for emergencies.
You can spend a small fortune on front brakes. I'd start this way,and stop when yer satisfied.

better lines(factory lines on most bike expand a bit losing pressure)
better pads
better rotors
better master

Galfer,brembo,HH,etc etc.

If yer just a casual cruiser,dont even worry about it.

I personally think the genii rear brakes are more then enough. I just replaced my rear pads and went back with the OEM
Now the front is where spending money makes the difference.
I upgraded the front with EBC HH pads and Braking SK2 rotors. The braking feels better in extreme conditions. Dont forget to flush that fluid on a regular schedule. Great time to buy some speed bleeders to make the job easier and quicker.

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