Sold the Busa :-(

(Oh, and I also got partial insurance... I'm kinda paranoid...)[/Quote]
Is FL a no insurance required state? With all those partially pickled snowbirds behind the wheel?  
Yup, no insurance required... There's no way I can afford insurance for the bike though. It's hard enough with the car. I'm young, have a few speeding tickets, and only one accident in my car (WHICH WASN'T EVEN MY FAULT!!! A GUY RAN A RED LIGHT AND HIT ME, AND EVEN THE POLICE REPORT SAYS THAT!!!... it was only a fender bender though) But anyways... Last time I got quote was for the Busa, and it was near $10,000 a year... that's how absurd it was... I paid $10,500 out the door for the busa back in the day... I might as well have bought two for that much money... I layed the busa down once though... at like 10 mph... it was dumb... $450 fairing...  
I know... 18 year old male with 10 points on his license riding a busa =  

That was back when I got my busa in 2004... I guess statistically I should be dead by now, but I rode smart for the most part. You can ride fast (within your abilities) but you have to know when and where. I guess it also helps that I don't trust anyone when I'm on the road... "ride like you're invisible"... I guess it also helps that I've been on two wheels since I was 3 or 4... But according to paper I've only ridden since 15 and a half...
Thanks for the compliments guys! I'm really happy with it... this damn rain is killing me!!!
But seriously... anyone know the gearing for the 1000? and If the busa's front sprocket fits it?
Very nice!!!

As much as I loved my old Busa, my Gixx doesn't make me miss it too much, especially when I'm in the canyons or the track.
Yea it's a tough call--- Keep the Busa or try something else................

That new 07 Ducati 1098 sure looks good.... 15k hmm. Sounds like it would majorly rock... I have always wanted a fast V-twin. ---- Got a nice Busa and no money-- Ohwell it will be a Busa summer in 07---- Can't be too bad !!!!
(Busaman86 @ Jan. 22 2007,15:flamethrowing:) I picked her up in Ocala Florida. They said there's VERY few of them around... they said that other than their dealership, there was one in Orlando and maybe one in Miami. But then again... this is what the dealership said... The first time I saw her I didn't really like her, but I have to admit, she's grown on me a lot! I wish I could ride right now but its raining
I already put 150 miles on her and I'm dying to give her a bath, but I guess I have to wait for the rain to stop... I thought about the bath tub but u know... she's a big girl...  

btw, do any of u guys know what's the stock gearing on a 2006 gixx 1000? I'm pretty sure the rear sprocket has 42 teeth, but I was wondering about the front sprocket. And also if I can put on a busa's front sprocket on the gixx 1000 (I've got a brand new 16T/42T kit for the busa that I never got to put on... I know the rear wont work, but I *think* front sprockets are more universal... could be wrong though...)
Was it a brand new bike, or a customer custom?


Brand new 06. Had 1 mile on the odometer when I got it and I'm the first owner (other than the dealership)
Nice, Nice.

You smokin Lucky's now ?

People might start asking you for them.
lol. Naw, I used to be more of a social smoker, but I haven't smoked in a while because my girlfriend doesn't like it

To be honest, though, I would rather smoke Marlboro or Camel before Lucky Strikes... lol... but dont tell that to "lucky"
I did have a bum at a gas station ask me if I raced for Lucky Strike, though... of course, I said yes!
Nice looking bike, I think I'm going to be selling my Busa this year and also getting me a litter bike, time for something new I guess.
(monti @ Jan. 23 2007,21:13) Nice looking bike, I think I'm going to be selling my Busa this year and also getting me a litter bike, time for something new I guess.
You wont regret getting the 1000. Unbelievable difference. I used to think the busa handled just fine, but then I rode the 1000 and wow....
(BUSAFETT @ Jan. 23 2007,21:46) Nice ride- don't drop that one, looks like the fairings for that would be unreal in price!

Yeah, definitely. I'm actually thinking of putting frame sliders... possibly black, but don't know which ones... What do u guys think? What color would look good?