Sold my Busa! Here's why.......


I guess you would say that I am "between" 'Busa's right now. On July 3, 2003 I traded my 2002 Silver 'Busa for a 2003 Yamaha TTR125 and a Kawasaki KX250R. My son is 10 years old and loves to play around at the motorcross track. I thought that this would be a way for us to spend more time together. I must say, we are having a BALL and my son can't believe that we do this together! I also can't believe what a workout motocross is! I am 40 years old and am just learning how to jump it. Pretty exciting! However, the withdrawl I feel in not being able to jump on the 'Busa and Haul ass is tremendous! I am saving up my pennies and can't wait to be back in the club! I am targeting spring, 2004. I wonder what colors Suzuki will offer in 2004??
That'd be one of only a handfull of things that could get me to sell my busa... *if* I had a son. Good on ya fer spending quality time with the little guy! Definitely worth sacraficing the busa privileges for a while. :super:
Way to go sane are not insane....if fact awhile ago a whole bunch of boys and girls were surveyed as to what they'd like more than anything in the world. Interestingly, the boys said more time with their father doing things TOGETHER.

They will never forget these times and it will have a tremedous impact on them in the next 5-10 years. Many kids make some really bad decisions and you are doing the exact thing that will help them make the right ones. Time is precious. The 2004 busa will be there.....smiling.

Keep it up!
Damn, guess I should start saving to get a dirt bike for me pretty quick. Already gettin my 3 yr old one for either Christmas or from tax returns. By the time he outgrows it I will be able to hand it down to his little brother.

You did the right thing. My son is a senior in HS, and we do as many things together as we can, we tried the off-road gig, but it was not his thing, he crashed a lot!
Now we ride street bikes together, he rides a 2001 bandit 600 and I ride the Busa. He will remember these time, but I think I enjoy the time together more than he does.
The bikes will always be there, the kids grow and go.
Enjoy while you can! :D
Great decision kbhay!

I just sold my RC51 for the same reason. Buying a Busa so I can take the wifey on rides with me. She did not enjoy riding on the back of the 51, and I dont blame her. The rear seat is very small and uncomfy.

It is always nice when you can do things that you enjoy with your riding motorcycles! It just doesn't get any better than that.

Cool!! :) Makes me yearn to procreate... hmm... I need practice. Any female takers?
WHY? for a kid?:super: that is not a good reason.
I have three rugrats and one i make payments to only 5 more to make and I still have a busa go get a scond job.
Or are you a poser

ps. my kids are important to me so I take them to the track and shop