i know this ulitmately should be in the rides section and i will post it there when all the details have been determined .i wanna do an all busa ride the 2nd weekend in november (i think its the 9th sunday) with weather permiting. what i want from u all is ideas on possible routes u would like to ride. pm me ur ideas and anything else that might make the ride fun and enjoyable. i want the ride to be fun, safe and everyone and bike to go home in one piece! even if ur from anywhere in the southwest or nothern cali ur more than welcome to come. more busas the better!!!!!!! it will be an awesome sight to see 15+ busas rolling along and pulling into places.
Count me in im from coasta mesa area ..and definately been looknig to do just that an all busa ride ! i think PCH is a nice ride !

any way your right 15 + busa a sight for many to gaze upon our glory that is hayabusa !!!
Sorry fellas, the busa will be back together by then but I will be out of town.

Nickslick knows the best roads around north of LA (Rock Store area, Angeles Crest, Glendora, etc.), south there's Palomar, Palm Dessert/Idyllwild, etc. (of course Ortega to get there).

Like to join you guys for a 'Busa only ride. Let me know where and I'll be there.
you know, I used to live out there and I loved the Ortega hwy, just North of Camp Pendleton it's great and a fun ride just to let you know...if you don't already.
Brixxer, its a little far south for me but normaly I'd be all over dat! I will be at the SF international Bike show that wknd. Have a great ride and take some pics for us plz.

btw: People are allways getting Chino & Chico mixed up... :cool: :D :cool:
yeah and big bear and julian... thats why im not sure which route we should ride.. theres so many to choose from and all are fun.. ortega..... always a lot of cops.. unless its just to get from the OC to palomar and julian then i guess its ok.. im leaning up pch to the rock store and the santa monica mountains... dam this sux having so many choices in nice weather.. fuggggggggggg.. lolol and pix will most definitely be taken! that last group that came down from the bay area rode the rock store.. julian/palomar is pretty tight, but fun and do lunch at a countless number of places along the way. requirements for the ride route. some fun twisties for busas and attention.. so my bike is an attention whore, can u blame her?