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So this might not interest a lot of people here but was asked to start posting what's going on in the life of orgsters. We started keeping chickens at my house. So far im enjoying it and have fun building the coops and learning how to take care of them. I like many here are short on money so my gf and I got most of this stuff for free or cheap from people that got out of it. We got our first hen about 3 weeks ago. Her mom just bought us 6 more hens and 1 rooster, we got them on Saturday. Last night was exciting for me as we got our first 2 eggs and this morning I found another one. Next spring we want to start a garden and meat rabbits. Between the chicken coops, rabbit coops all the wire, chicken feed, plastic container to keep it in and straw. We have only spent $50. Well enough talking here's some pictures



That's pretty cool, but not sure I could do it. Aren't chickens messy?
Good for you. Chickens are great for the fresh eggs. Just take a tennis racket in there when you are collecting...roosters can get mean!

We planted a fall garden this year. I picked up a tiller (not the Suzuki kind.) and tilled up a 30 x 30 plot. We put in cabbage, broccoli, peas, spinach, and kale.
That's cool. I had 4 hens when I lived in Arizona. I had a beautiful rooster by he only lasted a week before I pulled the .22lr out and my ex wife quickly snatched him up and gave him to Simone else. The hens were nice to have around,messy but fresh eggs are the best. I had 3 road-island reds and some black/white speckled thing. Roosters crow all damn day long, did you know that? Lol. You only need them if you want to fertilize the eggs an hatch the young.
Gsxrbots so far they don't seem that dirty. Dirtier than a dog or cat yes but I have been helping the last couple months with horses, pigs and goats so compared to them no lol her mom got us the rooster because he was only a dollar. I think we are going to do a 20x30 or a 30x30 to start off and see how it goes. So far im liking it because its busy hand one stuff everyday. That's one things i don't like about the direction that a lot of people are going. TV internet busy stuff like. I enjoy doing outside stuff with my hands and take pride in it
Black diamond busa, I think the chickens are a great idea! My wife and I have been talking about how nice it would be to have them for fresh eggs. I agree that you don't need a rooster unless you want to grow the flock with some baby chicks. I'm a hands on do something kind of guy myself. I work with computers all day and I love them but I also like to get outside and mow the grass, cut and burn brush etc.

My wife and I became full time guardians of our grandkids ages 3 and 4 last fall so I didn't try to do a garden this year but that is on the list of planned projects for next summer. Been trying to live healthier and nothing beats fresh / home grown when it comes to food.
you can throw away your alarm clock...5am or the first light will get the rooster noisy...I have a few 20 ish when the raccoons don't feast...fresh eggs are so much better....make a is a rich flavor...some people do not like it but if you have started the process just protect them....

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Alpacas are nice as well...just like big dogs...
I use to let my chickens run loose in the backyard during the afternoons. They loved chasing and eating grasshoppers. It was like crack for them, lol.
My yard was fully fenced so they couldn't go anywhere. I had the coupe and there own fence (so my dogs wouldn't bother them) off to the corner of the yard. It was nice having fresh eggs all the time and fresh brown eggs are the best for coloring at Easter. The stores coat eggs in a wax so they don't absorb much color...die a fresh egg and they come out great! I hated my rooster with a passion....he sure was beautiful though. I don't know what kind he was but he had all kinds of green, red, and yellow on him.
When I was a kid we had hundreds of chickens... I hated em then and I still hate em... in the summer they would cram into the corner in the coop under the tin roof and smother each other, you would have to go into the nasty coop and schew them out of the corners... When it rained the would go outside and look up and drown.... The best part of raising chickens was killing them to eat!