So.Cali hayabusa clubs ?


I know there are plenty of busa riders out there and quite of few in the so cali area dose any one know of any clubs around the coasta mesa area , or the out lying cities! Me and a good fried and fellow busa rider would like to join if there is any . But if there is not we would love to try and get one started to go on trips every onece and awhile and also to meet up with other groups and discuss a great piece of art and machineray ! If there is enough expressed intrest of course !!!

Any ways just wondering !
i dont know of any haybusa socal specific clubs.. we have a few busas in the i would like to get a bunch of us busa owners together for a ride somewhere soon.. if 1 busa turns head imagine like 10-15 of them together!!!! busa overload all other inferior machines would be running for cover!!
Yup thats true man ! i know of 1 other busa rider in the same neighbor hood over where i live and were good friends hes got a 03 busa all tricked out . Any way that would be tight if we could get some thin like that going that would be bad azz ! first thing first we. should meet or just swap numbers over e-mail or some thin and well go from there or discuss more about it on here dosent matter !