Show your mountain pics

Who has pics of mountains from the rides you have been on? Here is a couple from when I used to have my 600rr. Here is one of Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens.

bike and rainier.jpg

Mt. St. Helens 3.jpg
My Favorite here is Tamborine Mountain close to home and has views both sides.
View 1 country landscape as far as you can see.
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View 2 down to the sea.
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You blokes have some really superb scenery in the US!

I love the Blue Ridge mountains. I've been there a few times, but never on 2 wheels, alas...
you American riders have some amazing roads and views :bowdown:

we cant see for the mist and rain in Blighty :banghead:

keep the pics coming there superb:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


The artist formerly known as Chris75181
Some pics out of the archives.....

Eureka Springs look out in AR. riding with Doniton2
Bottom of castle crags hike in California state park hiking with Zac
Top of castle dome CA. Hiking with Zac
View over to Mt. Lassen CA.
Mt Shasta Ca.
Hiking at Burney Falls Ca. with my son Zac
Hiking in back country of Big Island found waterfall
Foothills above Whiskey Town Lake Ca.(8 miles down from where I used to live in NorCal) nice spot to park and take pic of Busa
View of Shasta lake from foothills above lake

bikes at mountain in Eureka springs AR.jpg

eureka springs lookout.jpg

bottom castle crags.jpg

castle dome zac.jpg

castle crags.jpg


lassen 2.jpg

whiskey town lake.jpg

big island back country.jpg

lake shasta.jpg

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