Should I get the Extended Warranty?


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Should I get an extended warranty?  Anyone know the cost/term?


I would not buy it if you are going to do some mods to it. I bought mine and did not think about all of the mods that I was going to do to it. No it is voided. So if you are going to do some mods to it, it is not worth it.
IMHO, it is a waste of money. Money you could spend on your mods.

An Extended Warranty is insurance in the event the product fails. This late in production, all potential problems or defects have been ironed out. If anything does occur on the bike it will happen within the first 6-10 months anyway.

Besides, you buy the bike for freedom, the dealership just wants to lock you down to their scheduled maintenances that you can perform yourself and save not only the money on the ’Extended Warranty’, but, also on the labor you don't necessarily need.
I think it depends on the shop. I did a heck of alot of mods and got the warranty. My guys take care of me. Usually no questions asked, they just order it and replace it. When my BATTERY got too weak to hold a decent charge they just handed me a new one. Let me keep the old one. So I say assess your shop and the people. I also dont have to schedule any appoitments I can just ride in and get it done while I wait. IF I do it myself and need help just show up.

For what it's worth. THe one time you need it, it usually pays for itself. I know with the wife's used SUV it paid for itself in the first 6 months, X3. so. just depends.

I would recommend getting the warranty.  The Busa is not a Honda, I am not knocking Suzuki but the GSXR's have always been just enough more maintanance happy than some of the others.  You have a 1300CC engine cranking out a crap load of horses, things are under alot of stress.  These engines are basically "racing" engines, high compression, close tolerances, high rpms , its a natural that something is going to get fouled up sooner or later.  

It could end up being a waste of money, and it is true that mod MAY void your warranty, but many mods will not.  

IMHO the warranty pays for itself in peace of mind if nothing else.  While the Busa is several generations old it still has some problems, starters self destructing on the 02's a grip of issues with the 99's etc...   If you plan on keeping it long term, and over the first five years nothing craps out, then good for you, you have what will most likely be a trouble free bike.  But if it goes the other way the warranty could pay off big.
Almost forgot, Extended warranty right now is $562 for four years.

You do not have to buy it when you buy the bike, just any time within the first year. So, My thinking is after following the break in instructions in the owners manual, whoop the snot out out of it for 11 months, if nothing breaks I might consider skipping the X warranty, if something is going to go tits-up it will probably go within that first year.

My .02..sorry for the book here...
That blows, I wish I could find just one area shop that I could trust...
 That blows, I wish I could find just one area shop that I could trust...
Needless to say they will <span style='color:red'><span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'>NEVER</span></span> see my bike or me again.  
(1) Cam chain on wrong when they did the recall before I bought the bike.
(2) Wrong lengh screw when replaceing one of the side fairings and cracked the fairing.  Told me I'd get a new one and then they sent it out for repair.  After they weren't happy with it that is when I got the new one.  
(3) Fixed the cam chain and then the cam broke when I made it five miles away from the shop.  Bent two valves and took two weeks to get the parts to fix that.
(4) Replace the front tire and at 140 I found out it was only rated at 120 mph when I started smelling burning rubber and the handlebars started to shake.  When I over sped the tire it expanded and melted its way half way through the fender.  
(5) Missed some stuff on the wreck rebuild that I later had to pay for.  Kick stand, front blinker, the left passenger footpeg bracket and the exhaust pipe (which I left alone)so now my mufflers point slightly inward.
 I tried to make the shop buy the bike back from me but they wouldn't becaused it had been wrecked.  (The owner did offer me $4500 for it and I told him he was nuts.)  That is when I told him that I bought the extended warranty because I was afraid of what else they had screwed up and that I had bought it at another dealership out of spite because I wasn't going to give his store one more cent.  That really pissed him off.
 However they did give me my money back for the tire and paid another shop to install the RIGHT tire and replace my front fender. Atleast I got a free tire out of the deal.
Sorry for the vent