Should i buy extended warranty?


Well should I buy the extended warranty with a new 2002??
Well its a roll of the dice. If nothing goes wrong than you wasted your money. If something blows up then it was worth it. The only big issue was the cam chain tensioner and that was on early models so far no other defects have arisen that would warrent the extended warranty. knebnr
Personally, no. Of course, I do all my own work and would never trust the local dealers, especially after I've seen them regularly abuse the bikes they are 'fixing' regardless of whether I was paying or not.
#### YES!
You're spending $10,000 on the bike a extra few hundred for protection is the only way to go!!!
Buy the Suzuki Warranty though.
I just bought a 02 and spent 359.00 on the extended
Hayabusa parts are EXSPENSIVE!!!!!