Shoei X-12


just lookn for some opinions on this helmet? currently I have a Bell star but I tried on the X-12 at a local shop and really liked how it fit and especially liked the wide field of view. how does this compare to the Aria cosair v?

im partial to the corsair v but I dont see that they offer a pinlock photocromatic lens for it but they seem to offer it for the X-12.

my main concern with my Bell star is it seems to lift at higher speeds and it feels like my whole body wants to be pulled off the bike. im hopn the X-12 doesnt have that issue.

what are ur guys thoughts?
Fantastic lid! I actually like the Shoei better than the Arai. Both stellar and on the same level, gotta put the $$$$ on the Shoei.
I own the x12. bought it not long after it came out. I also had an arai rx7 i think it was. here is my take.
1. both helmets are made extremely well and you cant go wrong with either so go with the fit. arai has several shells for different size heads that shoei does not.
arai is better at ventilation period. The helmet lets a ton of air flow go through and is wonderful
The x12 is not very good at it. Barely adequate at best which is really surprising considering its the flagship model and the price.
In my opinion the shoei face shield attachment and detachment mechanism is way better and easier to use. I broke at least 3 sets of those side covers off of my arai and good luck getting them replaced. plus once its broke your screwed cause the faceshield wont work.
The face shield on the x12 will also lock in place which it will not do on the arai as well and it is truly as waterproof as it can get and is way better that the arai in that regard.
I also think that the interior fabric on the x12 us much better than the arai. Its thicker and better quality and stands up under wear better.
All in all having had both for a few years each I can tell you that for my 2 cents the x12 is a superior helmet in interior quality, shield application and security and has the new emergency pull tabs on the interior cheek pad area in case of accident that paramedics can remove to take the helmet off without moving your head.
The arai is clearly superior with air flow through the helmet. but with that comes noise as well.
You cannot go wrong with either helmet. I started with a shoei my first couple years of riding. I wanted an arai RX7 so bad. Bit the bullet and purchased a used one of ebay. Ever since then I have always used an arai. I liked the X-12 but for me the chin area of the helmet actually touched my chin. No bueno for me.
Brett, what about this one? Looks like it would slice right through the air, and its only $16 on line . . . :rofl:

As long as the X12 is night and day above the RF1200 try it.. My Arais (Profile and Signet Q) are SO much quieter, more comfortable (to me anyway) than my RF1200..

My 8 year old HJC is quieter than my Shoei. I'll never buy another.