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Dis in my way!
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I wanted to keep everyone informed on the status of the shirts. I ordered them today, and the vendor says max of 2 weeks but probably 1 week. Once I receive the shirts I will pack them that night, and ship them the next day. If there is anyone out there that wants a shirt still go ahead and order it by the paypal link here Order Form I have ordered extra, lets just say that my son is hoping that you order them because I have small medium, large, x large, xxlarge so he can wear them until he graduates college if I dont sell them all......

Thanks for the support all. I appreciate it, you get a shirt and I get to save a little money. WIN vs WIN

Good then we should have them by the August ride and we'll be able to show them off the everyone at the Rock Store.
OK guys I pick the shirts up today at 4:30 and I will have them in the mail tomorrow morning. The shipping should only be 2 days (I think) so you should expect them at your doorstep the first of next week.

WHEW, glad this is almost over !!!

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Hey Capt please don't concern yourself with the shirts. I am speaking for myself! Please take care of yourself and your family. I speak for myself but I want you to worry about that not these T-Shirts! Again you and yours are in my prayers...

Howlin Mad don't worry, this will get our minds something productive to work on for a few hours... FYI I did pick up the shirts and in my personal opinion I think they ROCK!!! We begin stuffing and packing in a little while, so it looks like Mon-Tues for those of you in the US, those outside, Kuwait, Singapore, Australia, Sweden and England I have no idea how long it will take to ship but I can assure you they are on their way.

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