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Dis in my way!
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    The orders for the shirts will go in Monday morning, this means that if you are wanting a shirt then I need you to go the the main website Shirt Order Form on Bottom and make your order through pay-pal. If things go right I will order a few extra and have them for first come first serve. I already have the packing materials with the labels on them so when the shirts are ready the only thing I have to do is throw them into the package and mail them. The shipping will be US mail 2 day so it should be a pretty quick turn around. This leaves 3 days to make any more confirmed orders . Hurry Hurry Hurry

Sorry I'm not the fastest Busa in the garage, but if we put an order in the other day, do we still have to re-order?
Guys I am up to date on all the orders that I have received to date. If you received a confirmation from pay pal then you are good to go.....Only the ones that wanted a shirt need to move quickly.....

Hi Captain is there any other way to pay beside pay pal you see Kuwait is not listed hence, can not buy that way . Please do let me know if there is another way for paying with CC .

You in Kuwait in the Military? If so man we can work something out. No way I am going to give any hassle to the guys keeping our country safe... You can send me money a penny at a time if thats the way it needs to be. Let me know what options you have and I will help make arrangements. Where will you need it shipped to?

Hi Captain  I hate to disappoint you
however, I am not in the Military neither an American but I will be very proud if I was one.

God Bless America.  

Just a reminder! Orders go in tomorrow we will continue to take orders for new ones, but it will be first come first serve. I am ordering some extras and if there is not enough to go around then the newest orders will have to wait until more shirt are made.. So far the farthest ordered shirt is Sweden, the most shirts was 5 and the total is around 60 now... As soon as I place the request with my vendor it will be no longer than 14 days to receive them, I will probably ship them the next day so you should have them in a couple days after that.... Get em ordered tonight if you want to be guranteed a shirt..

Thanks Guys