Selling gen 2 parts

Pit Bull 13

I have a box of parts. from oem oil pan, valves, springs, pistons, rods, air box with BMC race filter.. oil cooler..
Do you have the gas tank kick stand?

All the parts im selling are from the Turbo build.. so Valves.. a bunch of the springs.. oil pan. oil cooler.. oil lines. factory brake lines.. clutch cover.. head bolts.. pistons, rods, output shaft.. air box,
Already sold the power commander 3 and boost gauge..
OK ppl.. this is not me parting out my bike this is ONLY the factory parts I had replaced for the Turbo build.. so Motor parts.. and chain.. air box.. oil pan.. valve springs.. Clutch cover and hub.. pistons. rods.. head bolts..
I never said I didn't want it! :down:

I keep forgetting to look it up is all.

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