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I am planning to sell my busa and I wanted some advice... I will advertise it here in the classifieds area, and at Below is my planned advertisement.

Please chime in if you have any ideas about my wording, the price, places to advertise it, or anything else!

I was thinking between 8500-9000 for stock bike. And, it has over $2,300 in accessories... Not to mention my labor involved with the installs and upgrades. And, the dyno tunings... So, I figured on selling for around $9,990.

BTW - if you are wondering why I am selling, please read my post on my trip to Road Atlanta...

Thanks in advance,


2003 Black/Grey Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa
VIN#: can't remember it... Will post in Ad though
Price: $9,990.00

Cleared title, garage kept, immaculate, 4,900 miles, new stock rubber with half tread life left and new Michelin Pilot Sport HPX’s never mounted.

Akrapovic Evolution full Titanium exhaust with carbon fiber can, BMC racing air filter, medium airbox modification, removed pair valve, PCIIIr with a custom dynamometer map, Goodridge kevlar brake lines, stem mount (with Garmin GPS marine mount attached), Throttlemeister, 1" mirror spacers, hump storage mod, trimmed rear fender, hump notch, removed reflectors, and dyno chart showing 166.4 rear wheel HP with 99.4 lb/ft of torque.

All original parts saved (i.e. exhaust, reflectors, etc.)
I would give it a shot just as described. Sounds pretty fair, but I dunno... I mean it's just me and in your case I would buy without hesitation, but I know a lot of folks myself included normaly really avoid modded anything...Cars, trucks, whatever. I hope it works out but a lot of times I have seen mods hurts sales more than help.

Sad to see it go though.
I know the amount of work that you have put into the bike, but like Revlis I would find it difficult to buy a modified anything. Takes away from some of the self accomplishment and makes you think about things you might have to overcome.

I'm sure its tough for you to let it go.
The ad sounds good. While a lot of folks stay away from modded bikes remember, you just need one buyer. There are peeps out there that look for lots of accessories / mods.
Hope you're selling to get a newer one. Good luck.
Please accept this as constructive!

You MUST add that the bike has NEVER been down and NEVER been in the rain.

Best option, (IMHO)
if you need that kind of money is to remove the mods, sell the bike as bone stock and sell the parts.

It is gonna be extremely difficult to get that kind of money, on a bike with 5,000 miles on the clock!

I think that you are making a mistake. Buy a track bike first and make sure thats what you really want to do, and if in 6 months you still want to sell your 'Busa, then sell it. There will be a better market in the spring and the new colors aren't going to hurt the value of your bike.

It will be an expensive mistake to sell it and then wish you hadn't. Just my thoughts

One thing stands out to me in your practice run ad here... You say "cleared" title. Was it a salvage bike with a salvage title and you got it cleared? If it was bought new and the title has never had anything wrong with it then you should change that to "clear" title. As soon as I read that I thought "rebuilt salvage bike". If that's the case, fine, but I didn't think your busa was a salvage bike. Could be wrong though...
Someone that is interested in the bike may back away because you have added the mods into your pricing...If you really want to sell it your going to lose some money, unless you find a buyer that appreciates what you have done...Here you can buy a brand new bike for $9,200...Expect to lose something...If you take the mods off you still lose because no one will want to pay you top dollar for them...So basically your damned if you do and damned if you don't...
Hey Bro It's sounding pretty grim but do not loose heart, here's a thought. It's getting towards winter where your at right? So your not going to have a lot of local buyers until spring, Your also not it a hurry to sell? You don't need the money that bad. So if you really take your time, advertise online and in paper, include the NEVER DOWN, NEVER WET, and Clean Title in hand kinda language and if your patient you will find your buyer...
Ignore your time, I wouldn't include that, I mean if you were a professional engine tuner or mechanic yeah. Though I would mention that it has been loved and explain why your parting with your baby...OH and Be certain to specify that the Pipes are Akro, and the bike has been professionally re-maped and tuned... Should be good to go.

Better Idea...Sell it to your bro chainsmoker, that way we will still get updates... ;)

Even better Better Idea, Trade one of your riding buddies for their 600cc ride, plus $3-4K, Win WIn!!!

If they decline tell em Rev and everyone else called em' pussies!!! :laugh:
I love you guys. I am planning to do as some have mentioned and hold out for Spring. That way, the market will be better and I will see if I am selling off of the adrenaline from the race track. I will go do some more track time and decide then.

BTW - by cleared, I meant that it is paid off and I hold the title. I guess clear sounds better.

Thanks for all of the tips guys,
I'm sure you'd do better to sell the pipe, PCIIIr, throttlemeister, and gps seperately. Fall or Winter are bad times to sell the bike so waiting is smart.
When I was selling my olde GSXR 750, people hesitated because it DIDN'T have ANY mods done to it. The feeling down here is that it's a good price because all of the mods have been done to it already and they won't have to spend the time or money doing it themselves.

One more thing, is the PAIR valve a type of smog control device? If so, do you want to advertise that it is removed?
Post it on all the Hayabusa message boards, after checking Cycle Trader for weeks on end, I finally found mine on no less. Love the bike, and it was local!