Hi guyz,

I was wondering if the so famous scottoiler is ok to install in the Busa. I really want to make something to help me in that maintenance 'cause most of the time I am in a hurry and I skip that important thing!!!

There is no reason to think that it wouldn't be appropriate on a Busa. There is also the HawkOiler and the LoobMan.aerostitch has all three. If the link doesn't go to the exact page, it should lead you to the directory. They are in the "prevent or repair" section, 2nd page.
Personally, I would not use an oiler. The reason for this is as follows:

1. I personally don't believe that the oil works nearly as good as wax on the chain. I feel that wax has much better shear strength and lubricating and is much cleaner. it doesn't fly off at all which you can't say for oil.

2. Wax will not attract dirt since it is basically dry and oil isn't.

3. If you rely on the oiler you could get complacent about it. If the oiler stops working for some reason, you might not notice it and ruin your chain.

4. I can buy about about 30 large spray cans of wax for the upply.cost of the oiler.

5. The amount of time it takes to install could be about the same as 10K miles of spray downs.

6. With oil, you will probably have to clean the chain more often than with wax because it collects more dirt.

7. If it were that great an idea, why don't sportbikes generally come standard with an oiler?

Please understand, I am not trying to dis anyone with an oiler. I just wouldn't do it myself for the reasons i just gave.

Every point of view is usefull :) You're right Johncal, i guess the best idea is to buy a stand for the bike to make chain lub easier. 'Cause it's real f####n annoying the way i do it now... push the bike - spray - push the bike - spray - push the bike - spray - push the bike - spray - ... :mad: that sucks! And that stand will be useful for more than just chain lub...
Yeah, I have a rear AND front race stand because it's even more annoying cleaning the rims the same way. It's real easy putting it up on a race stand yourself once you get the hang of it as well. I would recommend you get help at first (until you get sick of asking) then grow the big ones and go for it.

Slide the stand under the bike and engage the spools. Make sure the front wheel is straight. Make sure you've got good flanges on the spools you buy.

I take the hump off and use the support to hold onto while I cantalever the bike up. Just straighten the bike up, move back. Take a peek to make sure your still engaged under the spools, then push down on the stand while you lift up on the support. You'll find that's easier that getting help actually.

I got the Suzuki PRO stands from the dealer. They cost $90.00 each and work great. The front fits perfect out of the box. You might have to lean on the back one a little and bend it in slightly. Mine was about an inch too wide when I got it, but I think that is because it fits multiple bikes. It was pretty easy to bend a little narrower though. It looks great too.

thkz, i'll try to buy an universal stand, since i will buy it with a friend that has a YZF600 Thundercat and will both want to use it.
I have a Scotoiler on my 03 busa and have had on nearly all my previous bikes. It is not only oil but a detergent as well so it cleans as well as lubricates. On average I get twice the chain & sprocket life of those of my mates who use spray on wax or oil.
I had it fitted by the shop when I bought the bike.
There is still no excuse for not bchecking the chain and I do about once a week.
The only down side I have found is it does make a mess of the back wheel, which is why I got a bike with black wheels so you cant see the crap:D

Hi Guys,

I have a Scott on mine too. There are the advantages and disadvantages to it. Adv : you can get a large reservoir for long trips that can hold a fair amount of oil so u dont need to worry about using up the extra bag space to hold a spray can. Another is that it carries a detergent, so when it rains, it sort of washes your chain for you. Also if you are terribly lazy like me, you can forget about it for a while - you just have to get used to the mileage and when you need to top up the tank.

Disadv: yeah it can make a mess of the back wheel, but that may be due to too fast a flow of the oil. I took off the sprocket cover the other day during my 6 hour clean and found a whole load of gunk in there that may have been there for 3 years (bought the bike 2nd hand), so it will be nice to take a look in another 6 months to see what is left behind. Blockages can occur if the nozzle gets burnt by the chain so it is best to keep an eye on it.

Overall, i think it's a good addition although nothing beats a good wax and some bike stands (or a main stand if you dont mind the additional weight.)