Scottoiler,been after one for years


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Really inexpensive one on ELay. About one/third the reg. price. Seven times longer chain n' sprocket life.My chain wont be cheap to replace thats forsure,prolly wear out faster than stock chain too[4 inch extened arm]
Quandaries: This one opens the valve to drip oil on engine start up[vacuum powered valve]
The electric version dumps oil with a 12V signal when yer ride is in motion. For ease I would prolly wire it to the side stand cut-off wiring.Stand down,no oil.Stand up,yup oil.
Cant find the elecrtic version at this rediculasly low price. :banghead:
Anybody have good,bad,or ugly to say about these oilers? Tanks,Rubb.

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I personally would never use an automated chain Oiler, I’ve seen and serviced a lot of bikes with them fitted and they make a real mess of the chain and the sprockets.
When I say ‘mess’, I’m talking a big thick build up on the rollers, in between the plates and the o-rings abs rollers, the build up is a combination of old oil and road grime/gunk.
That crap gets worse and starts to create drag and stiction issues.
I believe Scott oilers and auto systems like that were made to serve the lazy and ill prepared bikers, the ones that can not be bothered or who just don’t have the desire to clean and lube their expensive drive chain and sprockets on a regular basis.
The very best practice to keep the drive line gear (chain and sprockets) in really tip top shape, and also to maximise the longevity of it is to scrub the chain links and rollers with a stiff brush using kerosene or diesel fuel to dilute and break down the oil/grime combo that’s built up, and then dry it all off as much as possible with a rag or towel.
Then, apply a light coat of 80 weight gear oil and wipe off any excess oil.
The gear oil is exactly what the chain manufacturers recommend as the way forward/best practice to keep your chain in great shape. Have a look at the box the chain comes in, it’s printed right there.
So yeah, ya wanna have a nice clean lubed chain? Use a little elbow grease and give it some love every 300 miles/500kms, your bike will love ya right back!! :)


I'm using Scottoiler V more than 3 years. I'm very satisfied with it. When I ride more than 300 miles per day, don't need relube chain (without center stand it's hard enough on the way. The chain celeaning is very very simple, only one piece of cloth is needed. And a feeling after a long touring day, when buddies tired, and need relube the chan, while I open the beer, priceless...


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I’ve never been bothered by chain maintenance locally or on tour. On tour my Quick Stand is simple and fast to use for bikes w/o a center stand. Lubing every 500 miles or so is no problem.

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I like it Kiwi,yer response that is.I've made it thru the last 40 years of riding,should be ok for a few more without too many fancy gadgets.
I do recomend the grunge brush 5 bucks,w/ shipping on Wish. 3 sided scrub at the same time. Rubb.
Scrub my....will ya.
Yeah, I’ve been using those 3 sided brushes for a couple years now, glad you can see what I was meaning... hey a lot of Scott oilers have been sold..... to lazy buggers lmao

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